Axiotl Convergence Platform

The success of precision medicine
depends critically on our ability to properly
interpret the human genome.

But biomedical researchers and clinicians
lack the proper tools to make sense of
their data without the expertise of a

The Axiotl Convergence Platform is visual
and intuitive. Users assemble analyses
through a drag-and-drop interface that
produces text summaries and scalable
graphics, ready to be imported into
patient reports, grant applications or
journal articles.

axiotl convergence cloud platform plexus visualization


Convergence of case-specific epigenetic alterations
identify a confluence of genetic vulnerabilities
tied to opioid dependence

Corradin et al. biorxiv 2021

A regulatory variant at 3q21.1
confers an increased pleiotropic risk
for hyperglycemia and altered bone mineral density

Sinnott-Armstrong, Sousa, Laber et al. Cell Metabolism 2021

Convergent mutations in tissue-specific
regulatory regions reveal novel cancer drivers

Sinnott-Armstrong et al. biorxiv 2020

Functional enhancers shape
extrachromosomal oncogene amplifications

Morton et al. Cell 2019

Noncoding somatic and inherited single-nucleotide variants
converge to promote ESR1 expression in breast cancer

Bailey, Desai et al. Nature Genetics 2016

Convergence of dispersed regulatory mutations
predicts driver genes in prostate cancer

Sallari et al. biorxiv 2016

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